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where was i? [21 May 2014|12:56pm]
haven't been on here in forever.
i'm still alive!
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new youtube account. [09 Jun 2010|06:04pm]
i decided to keep my toy life and my phlosophy and theology life seperate, or as seperate as possible. so there for i have created a new account for my toy vlog.

action figure voodoo master

i have made 2 videos already.

so now you don't have to feel bombarded with things you might consider trivial but which mean enough to me to make videos about. subscribe if interested.
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dammit i keep lapsing on this journal. [14 Apr 2010|12:38pm]
ok so i have a good enough camera on my i phone.
i have the majority of my cast members designed.
i still need sets or at least backgrounds.


i have an idea of what i'm going to do but i haven't even outlined it really.

i also get lost in the "oh man this will be kool if i did this" stage.
the planning planning planning that never leads to doing doing doing.

i did make some test footage
it has no sound i just wanted to see if the footage would work well if i did it picture by picture.
nothing to big just a quick 4 frame per second sort of deal.

the lighting in some pictures don't match up which is fine for right now.
i will be using lights for the filming and hopefully get everything set up better.

i was also playing around with comp screen test photos just to see if it would work well.
let me know what you think.

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the complexity of space and time [12 Feb 2010|01:03pm]

most people don't understand and never will understand how time and space work. you couldn't really. being that we are in the 3rd dimension and time has 5 dimensions it's practically impossible to understand it's complexity. for instance, rational human logic would dictate that something cannot move and still be in the same place. if you have a chair and you move that chair from the center of the room to the left corner, it is now in the left corner and not in the center of the room. but time dictates that with it's 5th dimensional parameters that this 1 chair does in fact sit in the center of the room and in the left corner. these 2 events have occurred simultaneously, however the mathematical ramifications of the events categorize that one event preceded the other. this can also be altered to recalibrate the events so that the chair was originally in the left corner then moved to the center of the room.

if you don't understand this then do not continue to be informed of the 5th dimensional parameter.

think of points of time as destinations on a map. for the extent of this exercise let's say there are 7 continents of time. and we will pick out 7 time periods. 1. ancient Egypt , 2. futile japan , 3.Germany during world war II, 4.medieval England, 5, 19th century America, 6. early 21st century Amsterdam , 7. late 21st century Iraq.
now this is where space come into play. time can never occupy the same space. let me repeat that. time can never occupy the same space. if you travel from destination 4 to destination 1. that is 1 trip. if you again travel from destination 4 to destination 1 that is 2 trips, not counting the trip back from destination1 to destination 4. in this scenario you have taken the same trip twice with no trips back and forth.

no consider for a moment that you wanted to travel through all the points in time, hoping to catch up with yourself at one of these destinations. it is possible but not at the exact same time. let's say you started your journey at destination 7. then you traveled down the line to destination 1. this trip through time would take 25 years to complete. but you decided that destination 5 was the place that you wished to encounter.yourself. first you would know if you were going to be successful in this endeavor since you have already traveled to destination 5 and either would have had a non eventful trip to to the old west or, you remember running into or seeing a much older you though you may not have recognized yourself at that time.

the biggest question anyone asks is how could you not recognize yourself? there are many very simple reasons but only 1 real reason. you would never expect to see yourself at the same place at the same time. there is also the expectation of age not affecting you so you would look for modern you and not future you. you could also attribute it to change in perspective there for change in appearance in future you. even someone like myself who has changed very little in the last 15 years still has noticeable changes to me that no one else would notice. let's say i traveled back to 1993 and went to my high school just to see if i would notice myself. teenage me would find it funny that there was some older guy in all black walking around looking like me. i might even joke about it being future me. but at the same time would "know" that it wasn't, for the simple fact that i am there right then and now  and there is no way that i could be elsewhere. the fact is how hard would it be to talk to yourself? teenage you would ask a million questions because teenage you has no clue what you went through in the last 25 years and teenage you is curious about who they will become, where as present you is phobic of saying to much hoping to not alter that time thus negating yourself. that is impossible. what has happened will happen. even small things.

let's say you do not remember talking to yourself when you were a teenager however you have taken the initiative to have a deep conversation with your teenage self. why do you not remember this event? there are several simple answers to this but most important is that, the human Psyche is only equipped to deal with simple things that only have 3 dimensions. anything more and your mind will alter the events to better fit 3 dimensions. you may remember that you met yourself the next day and maybe even in a year but the details will become fuzzy. lingering memories of this event that are translated into things you were told about the future will be triggered as de ja vu. however once the event actually takes place there is a possibility that you will remember the event retro actively but only 1 perspective either your teenage self or your present self.
what most people often confuse themselves with is time travel always implies some purpose or mission. this may not be the case. curiosity or even boredom could spark a travel through time.

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monologue [11 Feb 2010|12:57pm]
Vampires. ugh there never as interesting in real life as they are on film, tv, or books. not there have been a lot of awesome vampires outside of Dracula. Lestat was crappy, Edward or Edmond? the sparkly vampire from twilight. yeah he sucks too. Blade was awesome and maybe Spike.... well Drusilla was the bomb, but i could be biased since i like crazy chicks. something about the mentally insane that turns me on. is that odd? perhaps t's because their the only people i can relate to. i'm not mentally ill though i thought i was for a long time. maybe i really am and have given up on trying to be normal, but then again what is normal. some balding fat senator who talks about family values on tv but molests little children in private. some Cunt who votes democrat because she's liberal, but can't stand the site of her grown daughter with a black man? or a cop. some asshole who joined the force for a sweet pay check and the ability to push people around for his or her sick amusement, while making deals with drug dealers and murdering psychos. in on the take. the entire system is corupt, and i'm no different. i am a corrupting element to the system that is corupt................... damn i'm horny. i could just masturbate right here in the car, but then i wouldn't be charged up and ready for combat. i need the frustration and pent up sexual aggression. sometimes these vampires can be hard to eliminate. now don't get me wrong i'm not a vampire hater nor am i a vampire hunter. this shit is personal. you step on my toes and i introduce you to the quickening. here i am and i have work to do. i hope my hair looks good. nothing worse than kicking ass on a bad hair day.
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random thought [05 Feb 2010|01:47pm]
Vampires! ugh there not as awesome as books and movies make them out to be.
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fuck it! [04 Feb 2010|05:25pm]

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[08 Jan 2010|03:22pm]
so i am wondering what is the best hd camera or hd camcorder to use when making my stopmotion videos.

yes i'm STILL working on them.

i appologize if i have not been very comunicative in the last few months. my sickness has taken over and i don't feel like talking to people. but as part of the reinvention of me for this year i have promised myself that i will get out of the house more and do stuff, as well as interact with people on a more regular basis.

little boy is doing well, and little girl is doing great. both are growing so fast.
my comp is in sick bay so i can't edit baby videos. which REALLY sucks.

what is awesome is the 16" optimus prime i ordered from overseas that's going to help my actions figure stomp the shit out of the red hat gang i made. heh heh heh.

but alas. with 2 kids i have no time to play by myself so rhiannon helps me too. still need to make a figure of her as well.
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losing control at an increasing and alarming rate [22 Dec 2009|01:05pm]
a man sexual prime is usppose to be from 18-24. why the hell are my hormones going out of control? outside of non stop extreme horniness, i am also experiencing adolesent acne. not as bad as when i was a teen but not as passive as it had been over the last few years. nails are growing faster and i am picking up scents from further distances i think.

oddest part is sometimes i get these extreme adrenaline rushes that make me feel incredibly strong but when not in adrenaline mode i feel tired and slightly weaker than my normal strength.

as usual i can't seem to lose any weight.

maybe i need to stop eating those cookies.
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where does the time go right? [21 Dec 2009|04:21pm]
so like 7 years ago i met chelsea and 6 years ago i found this other person on livejournal. sarabear  unfortunetly she had passed away for sometime, however i felt an extrmely strong connection to her. enough to remember that today was/is her deathday. she died of leukemia in 2001. she has a website http://www.sarafayehunt.com/ i just wanted to share since i was thinking about her today.
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the tide of panic turns to a calm passing wave. [18 Dec 2009|03:53pm]
hhhmmmm. i don't like having so many ideas tht i can't focus on just one.
oh well.

i seem to have neglected this account for far to long. so much going on and not a lot of time to write things down that i want to say.

this year has been slightly crazy with rhiannon and now Xion.
my nation wide network is coming along nicely i have more contact points than ever before.
but this year i am going to try to complete my local spy system. i think it has become important to know the dealings of the majority of the local inhabitants.

in other news.
my comp is dying and untl i get a new mother board there might not be any new videos of rhiannon or Xion as i have all video footage on that one computer.
i am hoping to have a new hd video camera by next year as well as a new tv.

who knows how late or soon that will be by.

i'm thinking about upgading my appearance. but i'll talk more about that as it escalates or fizzles. i thought about getting glasses since i might actually not break them now.

going to get the kids pictures taken with santa on sunday. that should be interesting.

we'll talk more later.
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11/25/09 [28 Nov 2009|09:28pm]
Xion Hawk Upshaw
5lbs 12oz
16 inches

her water broke on the way to the hospital
he popped out in 20 mins
which was way to fast to give her any drugs so it was all natural.
nostiches required.
how superhero was that delivery?

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waiting is the hardest part. [24 Nov 2009|05:06pm]
still no boy yet.
chelsea has had many contractions varying from 3-20 mins.
had one trip on sunday night with no success.

this is coded for spying eyes.

i have infiltrated the red rebellion tought their greatest weakness. their need to have imidiate acess to their dragon advatars.
it appears that they have a security system that is atuned to their personl psychic signature. however sometimes the signal drops. unknown to me Anraztemehk had a shanatu spy inplace ceturies ago to discover their secrets but due to his demise all those many decades ago this contact was lost. haveing no ture spy network anymore and with the council disbanded leaving all members in direct control of their teritories the one problem that has become clear, we are not a unified front against the tyranny. however the tyrannies attempts at discovering and eliminating Shanatu startegy have reversed on them while gaining new weapons and better strategy through trade with the red rebellion.
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[25 Oct 2009|07:18pm]
so i had been planning to do this for sometime.

i wanted to make a youtube super villain.
now i didn't cover my trail at all outside of making a separate you tube acct and email for the dastardly villain.
now. the "real life super villains are having a contest thingy so i made an entry video for the contest.
i have told no one in the community what i was up to or going to do.

here is real life superhero sword kanes video

this was my response.

my second response

my third response

and i decided to become a more recognized villain

why reveal this now?

perhaps in the next post i'll explain.
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the boys name. [27 Jul 2009|12:00pm]
since i had no say so in rhiannon's name we decided that on the outside chance that this child was to be a boy i would pick out the name.

so now,

he will be named............

Xion Hawk Upshaw.

Hawk is his middle name not part of his last name.

somehow i thought it fitting that Lord Chain would bring about the coming of Xion.
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my first video. [18 Jul 2009|12:07pm]
it has been a little bit over a year since i started doing videos. my first was an amv (anime music video) on you tube it's where you take an anime property and a song of choice and make it into a music video of sorts.

i happened to have the movie ninja scroll on my computer at the time so i choose to use that as my anime. then i noticed that the song waves of homicide i wrote had very similar themes as ninja scroll. so i edited the video in accordance to the lyrics.

anyway i wanted to share this again after looking through my videos.

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36 parts of the mind part 6 [05 Jul 2009|02:37am]
yes it's finally here!
i just got my computer back.
it was busted but my friend derrick fixed it.

this was going to be the first in an on going series where i interviewed one person from each class in every tribe. unfortunately i could never get anyone from any other tribe to be interviewed. always someone flaking on me or just not having enough time.

hopefully one day i may get at least a few more. we'll see.

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oh yeah! [04 Jul 2009|04:04pm]
got my computer back finally.

now onto editing a few videos i was working on before it broke down.
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just came back from the doctors [29 Jun 2009|06:28pm]
turns out were having a boy this time!!!!
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not surprised. [16 Jun 2009|03:30pm]
yeah so publishers clearing house check was a scam.
but you know i wanted to make sure.
it would have sucked to have passed on 100 grand for no reason other then i was suspicious it was fake.

i think i'm going to take pictures of figures i have been making and post them on here soon.

but for those of you who don't check my myspace here is a picture of rhiannon.

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